Best Winter Snow Boots for Preschool Boys and Girls

by Ryan on October 30, 2014


Best Winter Snow Boots for Preschool Boys and Girls – After such a glorious summer and fall, realizing that winter will be arriving in a few short months is pretty depressing. Even more depressing is the thought of having to dig through the basement to find all your kid’s winter garb, including jackets, gloves, hats, and of course, snow boots. And then you need to see what still fits. So you might as well face the truth now – unless you are one of the Duggers with an endless supply of hand-me-downs, you are going to need to buy at least one pair of new winter boots.

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So how am I supposed to know what snow boots to buy for my kid?


Don’t be this guy.

As with any shoe that I buy for my four year old daughter, they must always fit 3 criteria; which I call the Big 3 Cs. Let me elaborate.

  • 1. Comfort: OK, this one doesn’t really need any elaboration…if the boots don’t feel good, your kid isn’t going to wear them.
  • 2. Convenience: Think about your kid stomping into the house with wet, cold snow boots on…those need to come off fast. And the boots need to be able to go on just as easily considering they will most likely want to go back outside in the next four minutes to finish up their sad, misshapen snowman. Do yourself a favor – don’t buy snow boots with a lot of laces. You need a snow boot that a kid can easily slip on and off by him/herself.
  • 3. Coolness - When kids are young, winter boots must look cool. And that usually means bright colors, sharp graphics, and possibly a Disney character on the side for good measure.

Below are my recommendations for the top Snow Boots for the Winter of 2014:

Girls: FROZEN Snow Boots

shoes_ia50780These girl’s snow boots are pretty awesome, and they certainly cover the Big 3 Cs:

  • Comfort: Provided by the faux fur lining with a cushioned insole.
  • Convenience: Covered by the 3 velcro straps that even cold, little fingers can manipulate.
  • Coolness – Uhh, did you notice these snow boots friggin’ light up and they have Elsa and Anna on the side? That’s pretty much the zenith of coolness for a preschooler.

Boys: Spiderman Snow Boots

shoes_ia35605Let’s go over the Big 3 Cs for these:

  • Comfort: Fleece lining with a cushioned insole.
  • Convenience: Again, velcro. Best. Invention. Ever.
  • Coolness – Not to be outdone, these Spiderman boys snow boots light up as well.



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