Men’s Boots Up to 60% Off at Famous Footwear!

by Ryan on October 22, 2014



Timberland Men’s Basic Waterproof Boot
Got XY chromosomes? These must be in your closet.
Currently 10% off at Famous Footwear

Although we have been experiencing a bit of an Indian summer here in the Northeast, the seasonal change into Autumn is now definitely starting to make itself known. And I do have to say that I’m looking forward to the cooler weather (two months from now punch me in the face for saying that).  The cooler weather reminds me that I have a lot to look forward to – the approaching holidays, pumpkin beer, flannel shirts, and of course, breaking out my favorite boots.

The best thing about boots is that they almost never go out of style (unless we’re talking about those crazy Mexican pointy boots. Hopefully they will go away. Soon.) I’ve still have had the same pair of tan Timberlands for about 15 years – and although they are beat to hell, they still hold up well.

Mens-ugg-boos-memeBut you obviously cant rock the Tims all the time, so you do need a few different boot styles in your arsenal (just please have enough self respect to make sure men’s UGGS aren’t one of them.)

Luckily for us, Famous Footwear has a solid selection of men’s boots on sale, including those from Timberland, Dockers, Merrell, Rockport and Dr. Martens.

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The top three Weirdest Men’s Boots:


The aforementioned Mexican Pointy Boot. This is actually a real thing.



Cobra Boots…somehow still more acceptable than the Mexican Pointy Boots.


Walken Boots.


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