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by Ryan on October 9, 2014


Get up to 30% off Dr. Scholl’s Shoes at – We all know that the Dr. Scholl’s brand is synonymous with comfort, but I think that sometimes the style factor is overlooked. (perhaps dropping the ” Dr.” from the brand name could help? Hmm..) But they really do have some great looking shoes, sandals and boots! Check out the video on the left to see their 2014 collection – and if you like what you see, you can either pick up a pair at Famous Footwear (where many of the Dr. Scholl’s shoes are on sale), or go directly to for the entire collection!

On your feet all day? Try Dr. Scholls Work brand

DrSchoolls-Work-small2If you spend most of your 9 to 5 perpendicular to the floor, check out Dr. Scholl’s Work brand. Featuring a rugged geometric grid pattern on the sole, these shoes literally rise above greasy, oily and slippery surfaces – perfect for those that that work in industrial situations, restaurants and manufacturing environments. A shoe that is safe, good looking and comfortable – that’s the holy trinity of footwear!

 So who was Dr. Scholl anyway?


Hero of Heels and Slayer of Bunions,
Dr. William Scholl

When we come across a shoe, or brand for that matter, with a proper name (ex: the iconic Chuck Taylor, one of my faves), we rarely ask ourselves, “So who the heck was that guy?” Well, inquisitive reader, let me tell you a bit about our hero, William Mathias Scholl – aka, Dr. Scholl.

Born in 1882, young William was one of 13 children. Considering these two facts, I’m going to make some assumptions:

1. He was the recipient of many hand-me-down shoes.
2. Shoes were probably damn uncomfortable back then.

Given these assumptions, I’m led to believe that his desire to increase the life span and comfort of shoes was born out of sheer necessity at a young age; he was born to be a foot doctor!

38503_7After working at a shoe store to pay his way through medical school, William became interested in podiatry. He went on to patent a shoe arch support in 1904, and founded the company, Dr. Scholl’s, to sell it. The arch support was a big hit with the public (most likely because shoes were still mighty uncomfortable), and throughout his long career as both a podiatrist and chairman of his company he designed and patented more than 1000 foot aids!

Our hats (and shoes!) are off to you, Dr. Scholl, for ensuring that we all have happy feet.

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