StayWarm and Toasty With BEARPAW Boots Up to 20% Off!

by Ryan on November 3, 2014


Bearpaw-20off-bannerStay Warm and Toasty With BEARPAW Boots Up to 20% Off! – As we draw closer to the frozen hellscape known as Winter in the Northeast, I’m reminded that there really is nothing better when it’s cold out than planting yourself near a roaring fire*, imbibing a beverage with high alcohol content, and listening to some good music. Throw in a pair of warm socks, and I might not wake up until Spring.

The BEARPAW brand attempts to capture that warm and cozy vibe in all their shoes and slippers. Made from sheepskin, which regulates body temperature so feet stay warmer in the cold, BEARPAW boots and slippers deliver amazing comfort with great craftsmanship.

There are currently only women’s BEARPAW boots and slippers on sale at Famous Footwear, but I know that the brand produces men’s and kid’s shoes, boots and moccasins as well. Check back often for those as their selection changes regularly.

* No fireplace in your house?

Please refer to this 17-minute virtual fireplace featuring Lil BUB, the World-Famous Internet Cat. Simply put your laptop while playing this video in front of your furnace’s heat vent, and it’s just like the real thing…almost…well, not really.

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